Academic Year Resources

IU Indianapolis Upward Bound

During the academic school year, we prepare each participant for successful entrance into a college or university by hosting cultural, academic, professional, and leadership events. Students will be asked to participate in our many events and will have access to individual sessions that focus on academic progress. We ask that each participant adhere to our expectations and policies stated below. 

CommitmentBe committed to your participation, academic success, and personal growth

OpenBe open to learning new things, meeting new people, and having new experiences

PunctualBe punctual (on time) to all Upward Bound activities and events

Tutoring is offered during the week at IU Indianapolis. Tutoring sessions are for the purpose of improving the students' GPAs, preparing for the End-of-Course Assessment (ECA), getting ready for the SAT/ACT, and enhancing study skills.

Programming is offered to augment and to support high school instruction as well as to provide opportunities for career exploration and the development of success skills.

Individual sessions and group workshops focus on each student’s academic progress to help develop his or her postsecondary options.

Upward Bound students travel to local, state, and regional colleges and universities to gain exposure to institutions of higher education. The visits can assist students with the college selection process.

Upward Bound students are treated to field trips, such as visits to museums, theater productions, and talks given by nationally known speakers.

Upward Bound students have the opportunity to participate in various leadership seminars and activities throughout the year.

The Upward Bound enrollment process is highly selective, so participating in the Upward Bound program is a privilege! Those who are chosen become part of an elite group. Program participants are expected to display a mature and positive demeanor. Each participant will be held accountable for maintaining a positive, productive, and respectful attitude and behavior.